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Technology is disrupting everything, business leaders are looking for ways to embrace technology in order to stay relevant and win. At AnjaneyaP Inc., our mission is to help businesses create new value by empowering them with technology. Our approach involves rethinking what exist- the people, products, customers and technology. We focus on creating pivotal platforms that enable and drive innovation at scale and at revolutionary speed

We are headquartered in Iselin , New Jersey with our operations extended across the US. With a team of over 290 domain experts and associates, our clients are confident they are speaking to the right people. Our expertise are cyber security, cloud and IOT. We are leaders in the implementation of next generation technology to take digital enterprises from different industries to the next level. We are AnjaneyaP Inc., a boutique technology agency helping businesses master tomorrow.

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Why choose us?

Every engagement is an opportunity to shape the future of business, positioning today’s enterprise to take advantage of the opportunities that tomorrow brings. First, we work with business leaders to understand their vision for their companies and what is important to them. We conduct audits of existing systems, the risks and the culture at the organization to determine what is required to achieve success.

Based on findings and the business vision in mind, we redefine what exist, design new systems bringing together the best in class technology and processes. Our experts build, train, deploy and integrate with existing systems.

Our dedicated support team provides a round the clock support on every implementation. With onsite and remote options, we ensure systems are all up functioning as they should when you need it. Downtimes reduced to the barest minimum.

We are a next generation technology company with many years of experience. With our experience extending across industries, we provide extensive technical and strategic skills in cloud and standalone implementations. We build, develop and implement Cyber Security, Cloud and IOT technologies at the frontier of innovation.

More about us

Who we are

Imagine a digital workplace were people do more and human capabilities are extended by secure and intelligent applications. AnjaneyaP Inc. was built for this. We are always thinking about tomorrow and what is next. We work at the frontier of the implementation of new cutting edge technologies. Technologies that would setup the businesses of our clients to take advantage of the opportunities that tomorrow presents.

Our Mission

Build the digital workplace of tomorrow, deploying the most intelligent platforms, and the most robust security to ensure safe working environments for people, data and applications.

Our Vision

To be the fastest and most respected growing technology company leading the development and implementation of cyber security, IOT and cloud technologies.

Our Values

  • Safeguard integrity, applications and data
  • Dare to build the digital workplace of tomorrow, today
  • Collaborate and empower people


Cyber Security: 100%
Cloud: 100%
Internet of Things: 100%

Building the Digital Workplace of Tomorrow

Our Clients

What our clients say about us

  • "Cybersecurity has been a major challenge for our business. Finding the right people, the right tools and putting in place the processes to protect our business was a big problem for us. It has been amazing how things quickly changed as AnjaneyaP Inc. came on board as a cyber security MSP. We can focus on growing our business now."
    Vice PresidentFortune 500 Manufacturing Company
  • "With the Xvate 3.0 application, monitoring of our systems has never been easier. My team identifies and stops threats as fast as they show up."
    DirectorLeading Financial Institution
  • "It’s been amazing how much visibility we have gotten into our systems using the AI-vate cyber security applications. We need fewer analysts and a few hours a day to monitor our security."
    Senior VP Fortune 500 Retailer