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Industry leading platforms to provide end-to-end protection for your data and applications. Our applications are built with innovative next generation technologies, providing the tools and processes to secure data and applications. Our mission is to create the most secure digital work environments so companies can focus on what they do best. Take a look at our portfolio of products.


Real time monitoring of systems and networks. Identify anomalies, eliminate threats

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CyberCop X

Intelligent Cyber Security application unifying security data for real time detection and end-to-end visibility

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360° cyber awareness and alert system for realtime threat reporting and updates to users 

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360 Degrees Protection for Your Assets

Prevent And Block Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks come in various shapes and forms. Our products have you covered.

Cyber criminals employ similar hack tactics and methodologies to get access to your systems and data. Below is a quick preview of the fundamental methodologies used to exploit vulnerabilities in organisational systems. See list of common attacks.


These are attacks designed to deliberately make machines and network resources unavailable for the assigned users. Attacks take various techniques used in these kinds of attacks. Most common of these techniques include user credentials and login compromisation, and overloading and stressing of computing power or network resources to block access to all users.


These are harmful software that are deployed by hackers into systems to cause all kinds of problems. Malwares are designed for various executions including damaging and deleting important files, taking over systems, secretly monitoring and reporting activities, discreetly sending confidential files to hackers. Hackers deploy malware in a variety of ways to victims.


Hackers attempt to lure system users to give away sensitive information such as usernames and passwords. The sensitive information is then used by hackers to access systems and steal information, deploy malwares, attack other systems to wreak all kinds of havoc. Spam and phishing emails or calls are common ways cyber criminals prank users to give away sensitive information. 

Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack

These are attacks which involves hackers inserting themselves in a communication of a trusted network server and a client PC. The hacker poses as one of the parties and continues with the dialogue to steal sensitive information. These sophisticated attacks can take place during normal web browsing and also on secured access sessions

Eavesdropping Attack

Hackers use mechanical or software systems to listen to network traffic to intercept sensitive information. The attacker listen to pickup sensitive information such as passwords, user names, credit card numbers and confidential information being sent over the network. Sophisticated attacks include hackers listening without interfering with systems or posing as a client system.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack

This is an attack where the attacker uses third-party web resources to assault a target. The attacker injects a malicious codes into the database of vulnerable websites. The scripts are sent to the browser of victim when they access the website. Browsers run these scripts automatically and take action. The actions steal cookie information which is used for exploiting further vulnerabilities.

SQL injection attack

This attack is targeted at database driven websites. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities in SQL database by running queries to the database through the input section on the website to the server. When successful, hackers get access to sensitive data from the database, modify data, execute administrator operations, access content of files, and even issue commands to the operating system.

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