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Flexibility. Speed. Innovation


The cloud today presents the opportunity to stretch what is possible. Businesses are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the not only the processing power the cloud provides but also the flexibility and speed that comes with the cloud. AnjaneyaP Inc. provides cloud solutions for applications, services and data. We provide robust and secure cloud solutions to help companies move to the cloud and keep services up and running.

Explore Our Cloud Solutions


Custom designs for your existing assets to jump-start your cloud migration. Robust solutions for security redundancy and resilience.


The expertise to build flexible, scalable and cost effective cloud solutions that delivers results.



Rest-assured that our cloud management solutions would keep your cloud and resources running efficiently


Get the best out of your cloud investments with our optimization solutions. We ensure resources perform at their peak


The most secure cloud environments for your data, applications and resources to keep out cybercriminals and drive compliance.


Cloud deployments can be a stretch for many companies. Our support solutions extend a helping hand at every stage of implementations. 

Go beyond the normal, choose cloud Solutions that deliver results.

Deliver outstanding business outcomes


Unleash innovatation by removing bottle necks posed by capacity restrictions and legacy infrastructure.


Overall IT costs has a great impact on the bottom line. Moving to cloud can save you 10% to 20% of your IT costs


Develop fast, you save over 70% of the time you use to manage your IT so you focus on development


Enjoy flexibility. Capacity, technology and cost can be restrictive, not a problem on cloud.