Cyber Security

Cyber Security Service Trusted by Fortune 500 Businesses

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become even more critical for every business as we deploy new technology to open new possibilities. According to Forbes, the average cost of a data breach to a company is about $3.86 million. The cost of recovering from these breaches and compromised business systems increases sharply for every additional data point compromised. Keeping cyber criminals away from your assets is important to the survival of businesses now. Efficiently blocking and responding to these attacks is absolutely key for every company.

This is where AnjaneyaP Inc. comes in, we provide intelligent solutions to provide the safest environments to safeguard your data and applications while you focus on innovations and building your business.


Our Cyber Security Solutions

Risk Detection & Response

Automate and use our innovative AI platforms to detect and respond to threats.

Vulnerability Audits & Analysis

Our team of experts rigorously test infrastructure and systems to identify and manage potential risks.


Identity & Access Management

IAM Solutions to define, manage and enforce user access privileges across your organisation.


Cloud Security

End to End security for you cloud. Safeguard your cloud environments, workload, containers and DevOps.


Data Protection

We help keep your data private with our data security solutions. The highest level of compliance to keep data safe.



Infrastructure Security

Protect your network infrastructure from threats. Control access to your instance and applications



Providing the Most Secure Environments for Business

Benefits of AnjaneyaP Inc. Cyber Security Solutions

Safeguard Data and Applications

We help safeguard your most valuable asset. Our products and solutions ensures internal threats and external threats are kept at bay. Protect your company’s reputation, customer privacy and other critical business assets. Our mission at AnjaneyaP Inc. is to create the safest environments and avoid the disaster of company data and system breaches.

Drive Compliance and meet regulatory requirements

Compliance is non-negotiable in many industries and companies, so is security for us. Our security solutions automates compliance and requirements to ensure all requirements are met. With experience from diverse industries, we have highly customizable pre-built compliance frameworks for your enterprise.

Focus on growing your business

Our solutions enable your business focus on growth and creation of value for its customers. With solutions for every size of business, we ensure we create the most secure environments for applications and data to enable your business innovate, your employees be at their best and keep customers happy. Your security will not stifle innovation and growth with us.

Save money

Enterprise security for every kind of business. We help you build the most secured environments without the infrastructure bottlenecks. By preventing loss of data and compromised business applications we help businesses avoid and save on recovery expenses, and lost business opportunities.